Wilma Hartmann Marketing Communications Consultant

Wilma Hartmann

Marketing Consultant

An experienced communications professional and project manager, Wilma brings an enthusiasm for digital communications technology to your project. Through decades of business ownership she has developed a strategic eye for process improvement and entrepreneurial opportunity.

Wilma is passionate about working with not-for-profit organizations and the arts and tourism industries, in particular with the role they play in rural economic development.

Eleanor Dawson, Arts and Culture Consultant

Eleanor Dawson

Arts and Culture Consultant

Eleanor Dawson is a skilled consultant and experienced project manager working with clients in the arts, culture and creative industries.

In her position as Director of Arts with the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, she participated in the creation of the provincial cultural policy as well as creating and administering various support programs for the cultural sector.

Deborah Bourden, Tourism Marketing Consultant, White Punt Communications

Deborah Bourden

Tourism Marketing Consultant

Deborah is a seasoned marketing professional and entrepreneur.  In a career that spans more than two decades, she has worn many hats in many creative agencies and beyond.

Known as a driven, yet compassionate outcome-focused entrepreneur, Deborah directed award-winning Applecore Interactive for more than 14 years and has spent more than ten years as a tourism business operator.

Deborah’s dedication and hard work on behalf of her clients deliver proven results.