Wilma Hartmann Marketing Communications Consultant

Wilma Hartmann

Marketing Consultant

Targeting Hearts and Minds

Wilma is driven by the belief that you need to reach the hearts and minds of people in order to mobilize their hands and feet. In a multi decade career in education,  corporate learning, marketing communications and tourism operations this same approach has worked well. She is highly skilled at creating content and stories that motivate and activate others to be the best they can be.

Starting an Interactive Marketing Agency

With the dawn of the internet age Wilma found her true passion in digital communications.  Since arriving in Newfoundland in 1998, South African-born Hartmann co-founded and developed Applecore Interactive into a leading and award-winning interactive marketing agency before switching gears to start a life as a tourism operator.

Becoming a Rural Tourism Operator

It is this move to running a rural business in a picturesque ocean-front location that ignited her passion for community development and in 2015 Wilma was one of the founders of the annual Unscripted Twillingate Digital Arts Festival. The festival is a project of a not-for-profit organization that also focuses on developing projects that benefit arts and tourism to grow the local economy,.

Social Purpose Clients

Wilma has managed projects for small and large organizations from Petro Canada to the the Governments of Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador, to the NL Crafts Council,  Junior Achievement and the Kids Eat Smart Foundation. She has deep knowledge of and passion for not-for-profit and social purpose organizations.


Wilma received an Entrepreneur of the Year Award from NLOWE for Economic Impact, Applecore Interactive received numerous Pinnacle Awards and an Ice Award and the tourism business received provincial Accommodator and Tourism Business of the Year Awards.